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The speaking event that I attended was when art students at Metro were interviewed. This was groundbreaking for our school seeing as how this was one of the first attempts at creating a unified community between the different majors. This collection of interviews was not about glorifying our majors and showing up what our classifications are. It was about sharing the experience we are all living as students in the same environment. The title of the project was called, “Art Chat: Let’s be awesome instead of self deprecating” and it couldn’t be more perfect for what we are all going through. This project made an attempt at creating a community of various artists rather than boasting about our opposite focus’s. It was meant to connect us as people rather than critique our neighbor. Art school is so much about critique and feedback and when it comes to art, we aren’t talking about math, these aren’t pre-determined variables in a calculation that is right or wrong. Artists put their heart and souls into their work and they sit back and watch as people tear it apart and “give their opinion”. The thing is, all artists have their own negative opinion on their work. This “chat” was about relating to one another in a collective way that discusses this process we all go through as art students and to make an attempt to unite us as one student body to be awesome, and not self-deprecate. 

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Chapter 5 response

This chapter begins comparing our displayed emotion to the packaged self that Gladwell talks about. We emulate the behavior that we wish to be shown back to us. Then he talks about Jazz and compares it to Democracy. This is typical of Lee Siegel’s writing. Every chapter is all over the place and the whole book is full of his opinions on other people’s writing. I’m not even sure how he was able to have this book published. After we get through the two or three pages of politics and art and music history we are given a lesson on the workings of the TV show, American Idol. Then it’s back to politics and back to American Idol with a few internet references in between such as Wikipedia and and constant reference to Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Which is what this book should’ve been called, “My Response the The Tipping Point; The Greatest Essay Ever Written.” Then there are about 6 more pages of American Idol and movie references. Finally at the end he tries tying it all in to how the internet is interactive for people to vote about their favorite shows and such.

Basically this chapter could be summed up by saying, “people like it when they can read the results of polls because it helps them make decisions on what they should like, based on popular culture.”

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